The most impressive real estate agent I had ever worked with

In the third decade of my law practice, I discovered Lisa Stover. I would soon find her to be the most impressive real estate agent I had ever worked with. My client, who was also a family member, was confined to a nursing home and had some very demanding ideas about who would represent her. She needed to sell her condominium in a particularly troubled development. During a down market, offers were confusing and often disappointing, but Lisa never lost her optimism. She frequently visited my Aunt to review contracts and discuss strategy. Lisa made herself available to meet with repairmen and inspectors at the property, sometimes researching needed specialty parts requiring replacement – and even supplying them. While I struggled in negotiations with the buyer’s lawyer, Lisa battled with the homeowner’s association, who initially refused to consent to the sale. Lisa constantly called me to ask what she could do to get this closing going. I’m convinced that the closing would not have happened without her persistence and dedication to our client. While many lawyers might have completed my part of the work involved, I’m not sure many agents would have gone the extra mile(s) Lisa did to get the job done. My Aunt was well served with Lisa’s extra attention and I have recommended her ever since.