We Can Help Prepare Your Home for Sale. Because You’re Not in This Alone.

What if your home is not in the best shape? This is one of the biggest worries that our clients and their families have. Over time and with age it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a home on the inside and out. The expense of hiring help increases each year and the wear and tear on the home is evident.

Our goal is to get the equity out of the home and into your hands. We will advise and arrange for any necessary repairs and preparation, but will not recommend anything that isn’t needed. Often just freshening up walls and floors after a thorough cleaning will accomplish the task. Sometimes more work is needed, but we will assess your home during our first meeting.

Should outside contractors be needed, Presto will oversee all aspects of their work to make sure it gets done as quoted and that your home and belongings are fully protected.

It is one more way we are moving seniors forward. To learn more, call us at (800) 495-1120.