The number one concern for seniors and their families is medical care and its cost. Joining the group on Seniors Today to share her expertise is Colleen Ceh Becvar, a gerontologist & owner of Trinity Advocacy Group as they discuss what every senior needs to know about Medicare.

Biggest Change for Medicare in 2020

The coverage gap with Medicare D for prescription drugs closed, so now seniors can save up to $5,000 per year.

Two Choices with Medicare

Traditional Medicare A plus a supplement and Medicare D: 75% of all recipients choose this option.

Medicare Advantage: Combines all Medicare options into one. 25% of all recipients choose this option.

Colleen Ceh Becvar also recommends that everyone take advantage of SHIP – Senior Health Insurance Provider. This is a free service with one-on-one consolation. The counselors do not advocate or sell any insurance; it is informational only and is designed to help you assess your Medicare options and is readily available in DuPage County.

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