So you decided not to move because you have too much stuff. You do not really love it all, but you hate to just donate it. After all, you collected things for so long and you spent so much money on all that stuff over the years too. You may be wondering if any of your stuff is worth anything or if anyone would buy it.

If you have original artwork created by artists other than your children, it is worth having it appraised. The same would be true for furniture, especially antiques and mid-century pieces. Collectibles however, are often not worth what we think they are or would like them to be. Having said that, if there is a market for it, people will pay to take it off your hands.

4 Tips to Get You Started with All That Stuff

If you are wondering where to begin with all that stuff, start here:

  1. Decide what you really must keep. If it is useful and you use it or love it, consider keeping it with you in your next home.
  2. Give it away. Ask those you love to take what they want. After you decide what you are keeping, off the remaining items to friends and family. There is a good chance you have a child or grandchild who is moving into their first apartment and could use old dishes, glasses, lamps, tables, etc.
  3. Get the items you think may be of value appraised. You can conduct your own research on the internet and get an idea. If it looks like you have something of value on your hands, call in an expert.
  4. Have a sale. A garage sale is a lot of work, and people will not pay much for your stuff. An estate sale may be a better option, however, you need to have enough perceived value to warrant one. There are advertising and hourly costs associated with the estate sale option, and the company will keep approximately 35% of the proceeds thereafter. The benefit to an estate sale is that after the sale, the company will usually clean the home out completely. Then they will give you the donation receipts. Some companies have online sale options and can sell items for you online. Again, the company will keep 35% of the sale price.

Moving with a lighter load can be much easier, not to mention less expensive. Once you start the process, you will gain momentum and the work will not seem so cumbersome. All that stuff takes up space in our homes and in our minds. We stress over it and worry about it. Once we rid ourselves of the unneeded baggage in our lives, everything becomes lighter.

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