Moving your parents is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. Whether you are moving them across town or across the country, the process is challenging because you are likely moving them from a home they have lived in for many years with lots of memories.

Take the time to read ‘5 Steps to Take When You Realize Your Parents Need To Move’. When you realize that a move for your parents is in their best interests:

Make moving your parents less challenging with these 6 suggestions:

  1. Communicate

Put yourself in your their shoes. Moving out of a place you’ve called home for many years is emotional.  Expect sadness, anxiety and even distress. They may experience feelings of supposed loss of control or that they are losing their independence. Make the transition process easier for your parents.

  • Give them time to grieve this major change in their life.
  • Let them talk about where they are moving to and why they are moving.
  • Include them in the planning and choosing processes as much as possible.
  1. Plan

Know what your parents are moving into: square footage, furniture needed. Help them (as well as yourself) see what will work and what won’t.

  • Draw the new floor plan on graph paper.
  • Draw or block out graph squares where furniture can be placed.

Now you are ready to purge items that won’t work and organize what will.

  1. Ask for Help

Moving your parents is a huge undertaking! Don’t do it alone. Ask for help from siblings, family and close friends who are like family. Even young children can help Grandma and Grandpa. Others’ participation will help ease the emotional stress moving can cause while helping your parents feel loved, supported and encouraged.

  1. Downsize

Again, put yourself in your parents’ shoes. Let your parents reminisce during the downsizing process. There are many memories tied to the possessions you are moving. Honor their emotions as you help them downsize.

  • Go through the house, one room at a time, with those who are helping.
  • Sort each item into piles labeled “Move,” “Give away,” “Donate or Sell” and “Trash.”

Be prepared. You may need to allow time to honor your own emotions while downsizing, especially if this was your home growing up.

  1. Take Care of Home Maintenance

Clean and repair your parents’ home as soon you finish downsizing and packing. The house needs to be made ready for selling, renting or passing on to a relative. The sooner, the better for everyone.

  1. Consider the Cost

It’s time to talk about the cost of moving your parents. You have 3 options:

  • A full-service mover is easy, but expensive. They can cost about $6000 to load, deliver and unload a 2-bedroom house.
  • A self-service mover is less expensive. The family loads the moving truck, a professional mover delivers the load, and the family unloads at the destination.
  • Then there’s the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option. It is less expensive than a self-service mover, but still pricey. Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, for example, could cost more than $3000 for a 26-foot truck and the gas needed to get your cargo across country.

You may have made arrangements and figured the cost for moving their household contents, but do not forget about moving what matters most – your parents! May we suggest skipping a 24-hour drive and flying them to their destination instead? And just in case they have health issues, these Tips For Senior Travel will help you get Mom and Dad to their new home safely.

Presto can ensure a smooth transition for your parents. Let us help you plan and execute your parent’s next move. Call (800) 495-1120 or write for more information.