Preplanning our weddings, milestone birthdays, and major family events is a given. However, when it comes to the end of our lives many of us prefer to avoid the subject altogether. If we were to plan an end-of-life party for ourselves, what would it look like? Would there be music, wine and dancing? Where would it be held? At a particular restaurant or church? Would you rest in peace next to your father and mother or with your spouse? Or would you prefer a wall in a mausoleum for your whole family?

The particulars may not matter to you right  now, but in the event of a tragedy or illness, would you want your family to have one more thing to worry about when they are grieving?

How to start preplanning for the end now

Preplanning the details that surround our own passing may not seem like fun, but it is easier for you do while you are healthy rather than leaving it for your loved ones. So where do you begin and who can help?

  1. Start with a list – Songs, pictures, poems, food, etc. List all the things that you would like to have when those who care about you celebrate in your honor.
  2. Choose the location – Church, restaurant, cemetery, crematory, etc.
  3. Pay it forward – Finance the event now so your loved ones won’t need to worry about it later.
  4. Tell your loved ones about your plans – Let them know where all the details are and who to contact when the time comes. You can give the arrangement plan to your attorney to be kept with all your trust documents. This way your family will have only one call to make. They won’t like it now, but they will be grateful later!

There are funeral homes that will sit down with you and go through all the details, work out the costs and set up a payment plan for you today. In fact, planning in advance can guarantee that your plans will not be affected by cost increases. End-of-life details can get expensive; even the simplest accommodations can become costly. This gift to your family will be appreciated more than you know.

If you need help getting started with these preplanning details, call us and let us know. We have access to many great resources in the area and can help you put a plan together. Contact Presto Real Estate Services at (800) 495-1120 or for a FREE consultation today.