5 General Safety Concerns in the Home

Fire safety in the home is imperative and certainly warrants the occasional review. However, fire is not the only hazard in the home. When it comes to the well being of our loved ones, the subject of general safety demands our attention. This is especially true for our aging loved ones.

5 General Safety Concerns in the Home for Your Aging Loved Ones

Consider and vet out the following safety concerns in the home for your aging loved ones:

1. Stairs

  • How many stairs must be navigated on a daily basis?
  • Are there railings and banisters? Are they secure?
  • Is your aging loved one steady and confident on the stairs?

Helpful Hint: If the Lazyboy in the TV room seems to be very well worn, and there is a pile of clothes nearby, you can bet they have been sleeping in the chair. Falls are the number one reason seniors end up in the hospital. A chair lift is an option to consider.

2. Bathroom

  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Is there a stall shower or only a tub?
  • Can your aging loved one step up and over the tub easily to bathe?

Helpful Hint: Standard toilets are very low. Grab bars and elevated seats are a quick and easy fix for both the toilet and the tub.

3. Kitchen

  • Has your loved one been cooking?
  • Do they feel comfortable using the stove, or does it look like peanut butter and jelly and cereal have been the fare of choice lately?

Helpful Hint: Make sure the stove and oven are operating properly if they are using them. If cooking is not the plan, there are plenty of healthy, pre-made options, other than TV dinners, available for delivery.

4. Doors and Windows

  • Do the doors have working locks?
  • Does the garage door open and close safely with the opener?
  • Are the windows locked, especially on the first level?

Helpful Hint: Make sure that doors close properly and lock securely. Be sure that your loved one is secure in their home.

5. Laundry

Take a deep breath. You will be able to tell pretty easily if the laundry is getting done … or not.

  • Where are the washer and dryer?
  • Are stairs involved? Are the stairs safe to navigate up and down?

Helpful Hint: If stairs are a concern, consider moving the washer and dryer to the main level. Replace the main level tub/shower with a stackable washer and dryer set. If this is not a viable option, it’s not too difficult to get the laundry done for them once a week.

Additional General Safety Concerns

Items you may want to think about having accessible in the home for general safety are:

  • Flashlight with working batteries
  • Phone with phone numbers easy to get to from all areas of the home
  • Safety necklace in the event of a fall or other emergency
  • Medication list and emergency contact numbers on the refrigerator if an EMT needs to enter the home

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