How to Develop Good Habits: Real Change Takes Time

Is there truth in the statement, “New Year, New You?” If you’re a seasoned human being, you know that no magical transformation takes place on January 1st. Resolutions aside, our intentions are good, even great, but real change takes time. Face it, old habits die hard. New and better habits need cultivating.

Forming Good Habits Takes Time

The famed “21-day rule” may not be so true after all, because habits are formed through stages. It is believed that the stages are necessary and take each person different amounts of time to work through them. Forming new habits successfully is determined by working through the stages diligently. It is thought that 66 days is the amount of time it takes on average to achieve the desired result.

The 3 Stages of Developing Good Habits are:

  • Stage 1 – The Honeymoon “This is easy”
  • Stage 2 – The Fight Through “Reality sets in”
  • Stage 3 – Second Nature “Getting in the groove”

The real work lies in Stage 2, when you need to fight through the reality of the change to really make it stick. Once you are in Stage 3, it is possible that a person could suffer a setback sending them back to Stage 2 again. Success is highly likely as long as the diligence to succeed is still there.

So, if you have a New Year’s resolution, be encouraged, you can achieve your goal! Just keep in mind that it will most likely take you longer than 21 days. But with determination, diligence and the right mindset, you can succeed.

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