The Perfect Christmas Gift

On this Christmas Day, you will most likely be with family or friends. There will be good cheer and good will to all in your heart. You will put aside petty differences, if any exist. You will enjoy good company and great food and the giving or receiving of a perfect Christmas gift.

Who is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

The Christmas season is about giving after all. It is about “the perfect Gift,” the Gift of a Savior. God sent His Son, born of a virgin, to save us from our sin. Christ willingly left heaven to be born as a baby to do a job that only He could do, for you and me.

Christmas, although celebrated only one day each year, is a reminder that we were created by a God who loves each and every one of us. He loves us as though we are the only one in the world, perfectly and unconditionally. He is a God Who longs to give us hope and a future, and He desires fellowship with us.

Perfect Christmas Gift

All of us here at Presto wish you a very Merry Christmas with the sentiments of peace and love on this very special day.

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