Help Senior Family Members Enjoy the Holidays

Most of us don’t love change. In fact, the older we get, the less flexible we become. We have routines that we don’t care to change and a multitude of other small, but significant, ways of doing things that we like to have done our way.

Routine can create harmony and peace within us that we don’t even realize, and senior family members are no different. They may never tell you what they do and don’t like simply because they love just being with you. However, a change in their routine or surroundings may be more than just a matter of preference. Here’s how you can help senior family members enjoy the holidays. These 4 visiting tips will make an enjoyable holiday season happen for both them and you!

4 Visiting Tips to Help Senior Family Members Enjoy the Holidays

  1. Keep visits short. Short visits can sometimes be better. Senior family members love being with you, but they also love being back in their quiet, cozy chair by night time.
  2. Keep the noise and commotion down. Commotion and noise are not the norm for senior family members. If you will be bringing them into a noisy, kid-filled environment, remember that they may not hear well. This can be exhausting for them after only a couple of hours.
  3. Make sure your senior family members are comfortable. Find a comfortable chair in a low-traffic area that will allow them to see most of what is going on without getting trampled.
  4. Serve food that meets your senior family members’ dietary needs. Lower sodium foods are better for them. Many seniors take several medications. If they live in a nursing facility, the sodium is kept to a minimum. You may think you’re giving them a treat, but it could take a big toll on their health over the next week.

Are you getting together with senior family members this Christmas season? Keep their needs, preferences and routines in mind to help them enjoy the holidays, too. If you need more ideas on how to help seniors enjoy the holidays this year, contact Presto Real Estate Services at (800) 495-1120 or today.

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