Make the Most of Family Time: Bring a Gift of the Heart

With the “family season” upon us, it is time to make the most of each opportunity to spend time together. Bring a blessing to someone you will be with, even in a small way. This is not about a purchased gift. It is about the gift of the heart and a real opportunity to connect.

Take Every Opportunity to Bring a Gift of the Heart this Holiday Season

Here are four ways that bringing a gift of the heart can be a blessing to someone this year:

  1. Photos: Have you come across a picture lately that you know will bless, tickle or make someone smile? A snapshot can be great all by itself, but you could put it in a little frame and add a bow. It will then sit in a place of prominence as a daily reminder of you and your thoughtfulness to them.
  1. Games: Does someone who you will spend time with this holiday season love to play games? Bring their favorite game with you and make a point of asking them to play. If you’re not a “game-playing” family, the one in-law who is will really feel the love!
  1. Food: Do you make one special food that someone else loves? Even if you are not the host, you can show up with someone’s favorite delicacy from your kitchen. They will be grateful and your efforts will be well received.
  1. Conversation: Sometimes the gift of gab is as special as any gift we can give. Grandma often sits quietly in the corner while the commotion exists all around. Why not spend an extra half hour with her? Learn something about her life as a young girl. Maybe a cousin went through a difficult situation this year. Take 15 minutes to let him or her know you care and that you are sorry. Not only will you make their holiday more special, you will benefit in ways you may not expect.

A Gift of the Heart Requires Only Thoughtfulness and Time

How many opportunities will you have to bring a gift from the heart to someone this holiday season? All that is required is thoughtfulness and a little bit of your time to be a blessing to someone for years to come.

Leave a comment and let us know what you can do to make someone feel special this year. We’d love to know!

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