Five Steps to Take When You Realize Your Parents Need to Move

Many of us spend time with our parents on holidays and during special events. This allows us to observe them in their surroundings and check on their well-being. When we visit, we can check to see whether or not they handle the stairs well or if the refrigerator is decently stocked with wholesome foods. We can also observe whether they are able to carry on a  conversation. These things will help us determine whether or not our parents need to move.

If you observe a few things that cause concern, your parents may not be able to live on their own any longer. They may not realize that they need help. How does someone go about starting this tough conversation with their loved one? It’s easier than you think, but everything takes time. Click here for resources that will help you get started.

Here are 5 steps to take when your parents need to move:

  1. Talk about the need for and the benefits of a move. Tell your parents about your concerns and why moving could be a good decision. Get siblings and other family members involved. Be aware that being too pushy can create a standoff. Gentle, caring discussions usually work best.
  2. Plan a lunch date with your parents and visit a senior community near their home. Even better, plan to visit with a friend who has already happily made the move. See if you can join them for lunch.
  3. Get the paperwork in order. Your parents may have their trust or will all in order, but do you have any idea where it is and what it says? Who is the trustee or executor? Who are the beneficiaries? If your parents have a financial advisor, they probably have everything that is needed, but you should know where it is.
  4. Know their finances! Do your parents own their home outright? Do they owe money to anyone? Is there a long-term insurance plan or investments that will help pay for the next step? These are critical questions that must be answered before a move can be made. Senior housing can be expensive, so this step is very important.
  5. Start organizing your parents’ home. If there are items you would like to have or that others have expressed interest in, see if your parents are willing to begin relinquishing these things. Most seniors realize they “can’t take it with them” and can be easily convinced to start giving items away. They may enjoy seeing someone else use these items because they no longer need them.

It’s never too early to start

The above list will take more time than you think, so get started. The information you gather will allow you to help your parents move with ease and less stress. You never know, your aging parents may have already realized they need to move. They may have been thinking about it long before you ever thought about bringing it up.

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