Three Important Ways to Exercise

The more we do something, the better we get at it. This is true in all aspects of life: physical, mental and spiritual. If we don’t use it, we lose it!

Exercise Physically

Basic physiology teaches us that when we do a bicep curl with weight that will allow us to do only 10 repetitions, our muscle hurts the next day. The reason it hurts is because we have stressed it out. We have torn the fibers, even if ever so slightly, and that causes pain. Over the next couple of days the pain will subside, but the miracle is what happens on the inside – the miraculous muscle repairs itself. Those fibers will grow back thicker and stronger. If we continue to these bicep curls, over time the muscle will take on a new and better shape. This article explains the importance of physical exercise for seniors: Seniors and Exercise.

Exercise Mentally

This is not just true of our bodies, but of our minds as well.

Studying for a class is never easy, but at the end of the semester we have gained a knowledge of something new that will be stored in our brains for all time.

It is a fact that in our life time most of us will use only a small percentage of the memory and storage available in our brains. Busyness is often the greatest enemy to our ability to realize our full potential with our minds.

Hobbies are a great outlet for learning and enjoying life.

Exercise Spiritually

Spiritually, the same can be said. We must take the time to get in touch with ourselves and God in order to see growth. No matter what religion you are, if you have a greater purpose in life and know that you are part of something larger, you can strive to be the best version of yourself through reflection, study and community with others.

So, what are you waiting for? What part of your life needs exercise? What have you been neglecting? Carpe Diem!

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