Better Living: I Will Be a Person of Action

This is the third in a series of posts written on Andy Andrews’ book, The Traveler’s Gift. Read my recent blog post on the second decision, Better Living: I Will Seek Wisdom.

Continuing on the course of making good life decisions, I would like to touch on The Active Decision, “I Will Be a Person of Action.” I am referring, once again, to The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. Offering sage advice to busy people who often find themselves too worn out and overwhelmed at the end of each day, I find the words encourage and inspire me to think bigger. The credit goes to the author, and my words are paraphrased as I have interpreted the message.

Better Living: Decision 3 – I Will Be a Person of Action

They say, “Time is no one’s friend.” Although life moves past me quickly, I still have the opportunity to seize each and every moment. My future is in my hands today. The choices I make today will determine if I look back and smile or feel despair. How will I act today to secure my tomorrow?

I will be full of energy …

I will move about in my day with purpose and vigor. When it is time to rest, I will rest, but I will not spend my day idle. My attitude and demeanor will be cheerful and positive causing me to have success throughout the day.

I will be an inspiration to others …

I will strive to lead in all I do. With confidence, I will execute my activities routinely and religiously, encouraging others with my actions. Anyone who spends time with me will feel inspired and energized.

I will be decisive …

I understand that I cannot control all outcomes, but I can try. It is imperative that I weigh my options when faced with a choice and choose the best option as quickly as possible. Not doing so causes me to question and falter. When I am concerned, I will have faith in myself and my ability. I will be grateful for the gift of a clear mind and will use it to create my destiny.

I will have courage …

Fear will have no place in my life. Failure is temporary; it offers an opportunity to improve and serves only as a teacher in my life. I will not be paralyzed by others or their fears. My courage will bring peace and prosperity to me and my family.

Will you decide to be a person of action? If you find yourself too worn out and overwhelmed at the end of each day, take this sage advice to think bigger and live better.

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