Better Living: 4 Ways I Will Seek Wisdom

This is the second in a series of posts written on Andy Andrews’ book, The Traveler’s Gift. Read my recent blog post Better Living: How to Be Productive and Add Value.

The second decision in Andy Andrews’ book, The Traveler’s Gift, is The Guided Decision, “I Will Seek Wisdom.” I am moved by the opportunity to glean from this teaching and hope that these words ring true for you as well. Again, I take no credit for this material, but only hope to share some simple, but great tips.

Better Living: Decision 2 – I Will Seek Wisdom

What goes in, comes out.

In order for me to produce thoughts and actions worthy to be called good, I must ingest that which is good. The books, TV shows, magazines and music that I watch or listen to have a huge impact on me. Much like the food I eat will affect my weight and health, the same is true of my mind. My thoughts control my deeds, so doesn’t it make sense that I should keep a close watch on what I think?

I am the company I keep.

I will do what my friends do. This is the reminder I gave my children and my parents gave me. It is sound because it is true. I will choose relationships that lift me up and bring me joy, relationships that teach me and cause me to be a better version of myself.

Sage advice is worth more than gold.

I will strive to learn from everyone and every circumstance in my life, but I will seek the advice and counsel of those who are wise. I will not lean solely on my own understanding but will actively look to those who have achieved greatness, live balanced lives, and who have successful businesses, when I am unsure.

It is better to give than to receive.

Giving gifts usually blesses the giver more than the receiver. In the same way, I will strive to serve others rather than be served. I will cultivate the heart of a servant and find joy in the ways I can bless others with even the simplest of acts.

I will seek wisdom. Will you? Choose to seek wisdom in each of these four ways to enjoy better living. Leave a comment. Share some sage advice that has been worth more than gold in your own life. Share a time you gave a gift that blessed you more than it blessed the one who received it.

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