Better Living: How to Be Productive and Add Value

After reading Andy Andrews’ The Travelers Gift, I am compelled to put into practice the Seven Decisions he creatively shares. Whether you have read the book or not (I suggest you do), the principles make sense and can only serve as a catalyst to better living.

I will attempt to keep it simple in hopes that you will indeed read the book for yourself. Most importantly, I give full credit to the author and make no claim that these ideas are my own.

Better Living: Decision 1 – The Buck Stops Here

I am the first to admit that it is often easier to look for reasons as to why I do the things I do. Therefore, it can also be easier to find a cause for my behavior that is not of my own doing. The problem with this method and solution is that I might walk away thinking I have a legitimate excuse for my circumstances, especially if they are unfavorable.

Furthermore, it is likely that I might feel so unfortunate that I will question, “Why me?”

In order to be productive in my day and add value to those around me, I need to stop this thought pattern. I must choose to think and act in a way that is counter to what I might be feeling.

If you have found yourself riding the “excuse” train, keep these simple ideas in mind. And, above all, read the book!

I am responsible for me!

I can and will accept responsibility for my past. My decisions and my thinking are responsible for where I am today. Although bad things may have played a part in my past, those things are behind me, and I will choose to move forward.

My thoughts drive my train!

I will be the ruler of my thoughts. Negative thinking may have trapped me in the past, but that is no longer going to happen. I will think of ways that I can be my best self at home, at work and in my community. I will give myself and others grace and redirect my thoughts and speech to edify instead of breaking down.

I will be decisive!

When faced with an option, I will choose. Even when I am not confident that I know the right way to turn, I will choose. Only when I move can I learn, and I will learn from each decision I make. Others will not choose for me because I fail to act.

Why not me?

Instead of self-pity, I will embrace the reality that the sun shines on everyone and the rain falls on all of us as well. Good deeds do not create immunity to tragedy, illness or misfortune. Gratefulness and contentment are cultivated, and I choose to call each day a gift and all good fortune a blessing. I do not deserve more than any other, but will accept all good things with a grateful heart.

Be productive and add value to those around you. Choose to think and act in ways that are counter to what you might be feeling and enjoy better living. How will choose to think and act productively, adding value to others? Leave a comment.

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