Are Your Parents Important Legal Documents In Order?

Show me the docs! You need all the facts … every last one. Once mom or dad lets you into their world, it’s time to make sure their legal docs are in order. It’s never too early to start gathering the facts. Ask them the following important questions:

  • Who is their Power Of Attorney (POA)?
  • Is there a trust?
  • Are there advance directives?

If you have the answers to all these questions, BRAVO! If not, you are not alone. Do you have questions about POAs? Read our blog post: Find An Elder Law Attorney: Get Those Documents In Order. Advance directives are explained here.

Approaching The Difficult Topic

Your parents may have managed their own personal and financial lives for years, and you have no idea if they have $5,000 or $5,000,000 stored away for a rainy day. You may not be in a position to get involved. Perhaps the relationship is not great, you have eight siblings or there is a second marriage. Forcing your way into this topic is rarely a good idea, but asking the simple questions above can be very telling.

A good way to start the discussion about POAs, trusts and advanced directives is to communicate lovingly that you want your parents to receive the care that they want to receive, when and if it’s necessary.

Finding Someone Who Can Help With Legal Docs

Often our parents will talk to a third party more willingly than they will talk with us. There are elder law attorneys who can help get the legal docs in order and advise your parents on their next move.

Least of all the Power of Attorney for medical and financial should be taken care of right away. It’s not a question of “if” something will happen. It is a question of “when” something does happen. Who will make decisions? Who will know what your parents want?

Finally …

Now, take this one step further. Heed your own advice and make sure you have taken care of these same legal docs for your own family. Remember, it’s never to early to plan ahead.

Get your parents’ important legal docs in order. We can help you find the right specialists for your needs. Call Presto Real Estate Services with your questions, and we will help you find the answers!

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