Need Help Moving Your Parents? Start Here

It is time to begin the process of moving your parents. But where do you start?

First, Find a Move Manager to Help with Moving Your Parents

Find a move manager who:

  • Will work with you on your timeline
  • Understands your needs
  • Will really listen to you

Second, Determine the Financial Situation Beforehand

Determine whether or not the home must be sold before the move takes place. If it’s financially feasible, it is best to move your parents before selling the home.

Third, Consider the Amount of Living Space in the New Home

Downsizing from a 7-room home to a 3-room apartment can be challenging. A move manager will help you downsize with a plan. They will help you select the furniture and items that make the most sense for the amount of living space in the new home. Parting with treasured items is never easy. Here are some tips that may make moving your parents easier:

On the Day You Are Moving Your Parents

Packing should take one or two days. This will depend on the circumstances and emotions surrounding moving your parents.

On moving day, your move manager will oversee moving your parents, from loading to unloading. In most cases, your move manager will be helping your loved ones unload and resettle.

Helping your loved ones resettle is a very important part of the moving process. You, or your move manager, should help your parents feel comfortable and settled in their new living space:

  • Unpack every box
  • Put every item away
  • Place items as they were in the last home, if possible
  • Make sure the new home’s pathways are easy to navigate
  • Install nightlights in several places to ease disorientation
  • Remove packing materials

Read this article for even more helpful moving tips: Moving Elderly Parents: Convincing Mom & Dad

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