Summer is Here and Grilling is Easy

Take your normal everyday indoor recipes to the grill and suddenly they taste better! Trying new and simple dishes on the grill can revolutionize the way you eat. Did you know that almost anything you make inside can be made outside on the grill? It’s true. Grilling is easy, and there is less cleanup.

Try one or all of the following grilling suggestions this summer.

Herbs and spices – You can dry rub any meat or fish you choose to grill in advance, allowing the flavors to seep in. Stick with the basics of salt, pepper and garlic powder or change things up with any combination of blends. Spice shops and grocery stores offer an almost limitless selection of flavors from around the world. Fresh herbs from the garden or market can be added at the end and add a fresh green flavor.

Fats and oils – There is a wonderful selection of healthy oils that can add flavor and moisture to any of your grilled meats. Mix with herbs and spices to marinate before or drizzle on right after to add a unique flavor to a simple piece of steak or chicken. Sauté herbs and vegetables in oil or butter in cast iron on the grill while cooking your meat, then combine before serving.

Vegetables – Veggies cook great on the grill. Soak them in cold, salted water for an hour before to help retain moisture. Toss them in an oil and seasoning of your choice and put them directly on the grill or in a grill basket. Stir regularly to avoid charring.

Cast iron – Cast iron is a great tool for grills. It can withstand the heat, heats evenly and is really simple to maintain. If you don’t own cast iron pan, do some research and pick up one at a local antique store. The old stuff is the best!

Pizza – One of our favorite foods to cook on the grill is pizza. You can make your own dough or purchase pre-made dough at the store. Let it get to room temp and roll it out with some flour on a work surface. Spray the grill with some oil and lay the dough directly on medium/high heat. It only takes a few minutes per side to cook, and you will have artisan pizzas to top as you like. Have your cheese, meats, veggies and sauces ready to go.

Even casseroles – If casseroles are your favorite, you will love them even more in the fall and winter after you’ve had a break.

Make the most of summer.

For even more grilling ideas, click 50 Grilling Recipes. You may not have enough summer left to try them all!

Drink plenty of fluids, wear sunscreen, get the bug spray out and fire up the grill! Grilling is easy. Give it a try this summer and keep summer’s heat out of the kitchen.

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