6 Ways To Enjoy And Embrace Being Alone

So you are all alone now. Or maybe it’s still the two of you. Your kids and maybe grandkids have lives of their own, so you do not see them much. They might not live local anymore either. It’s getting tougher to travel. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also exhausting. You feel abandoned by them, like they just can’t be bothered. You think they don’t really have a use for you now that they have full, rich lives of their own. In fact, the few phone conversations you have with them, you find yourself reminding them just how forgotten you feel. Laying the guilt on makes you feel heard, but it doesn’t really change the situation. It just makes the phone calls further apart.

Many of you will face or are facing this very situation. It is not that your children and grandchildren don’t love you. It’s just that they have lives of their own. Remember when life was so busy that all you wanted was a day off or some quiet time? Well, here you go!

Embrace your Aloneness

So, how can you enjoy, or better yet, embrace this time in your life without feeling lonely and forgotten? Here are 6 ways to enjoy and embrace your aloneness:

  1. Find a hobby – Surely there is something you enjoy that you never had time to do or learn how to do when life was busy. You may be telling yourself that you’re too old to learn new tricks, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you would probably be surprised to see how many others are enjoying that very same pastime.
  2. Get healthy – Get active! Join a health/walking/running/biking club. There are all levels of athletes out there. You don’t have to be competitive. Did you know that in the winter months the malls open early for “mall walkers”? Strength training and yoga are great ways to keep your bones strong and healthy and your muscles toned.
  3. Educate yourself – If you never received your bachelor degree or never even started college, why not now? University towns are great places to live and learn. If you are fortunate enough to live near a college or university, see what their offerings are, even if you just want to take a class or two.
  4. Volunteer – Probably one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things we can do is volunteer. There are so many organizations and causes that need help meeting needs. You don’t have to pick just one. With all your free time, you can spread the giving.
  5. Get a pet – Nothing can fill your empty space like a furry friend. House training can be a bit daunting, but the rewards are tenfold. Do your research first and consider your lifestyle and health. Studies show that people with pets live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives than those without.
  6. Downsize – lastly, but maybe most importantly, if you have the energy and stamina make the move. Chances are chance your home is too big for you now. There are plenty of unused rooms, and cleaning and upkeep are overwhelming. You have memories there, but now is the time to begin to remove yourself and look ahead. A move to a single level home or condo with all rooms and laundry on one level will not only make life easier, it will make it safer. Falls are the single most probable event that will take your independence away.

Find value and fulfillment in the years.

Embrace your aloneness. Find value and fulfillment in the years ahead by filling your time with adventures that are all about you!

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