5 Ways To Be Content Now

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”- Frederick Keonig

Not sure who Frederick was, but he appears to have good advice on how to be content. We look and we long. We may see a shiny new car, a house on a hill or a fancy new watch, but what we don’t realize is that our eyes deceive us. It is not bad for us to admire, and even want, things that appeal to us, but we sometimes set ourselves up for disappointment. Wanting makes us feel like we’re lacking something, and unless our basic needs are not being met, chances are we are not lacking. In the face of calamity, illness or loss we tend to feel out of control and anything but content.

So how do we cultivate a sense of contentment? And how can we feel content in all circumstances? Is it even possible?

Learn how to be content

  1. Count your blessings. So cliche, but so true … right? Even when things are bad, not ALL things are bad. There are still bright spots in our day: A child who loves us, a dog or cat who cuddles next to us, a friend who stops by with dinner. Dwelling on the things that are good can help strengthen us to weather the storm.
  2. Practice contentment. If you find yourself in a place of wanting, it may be time to make a practice out of focusing on the good in your life. Meditation, prayer and reflection are all great ways to spend a short period of time each day to focus on what you do have and are grateful for.
  3. Write it down. Everyday put one thing that you have and are happy to have on a Post-It note, chalk board or journal. Do this for an entire month. Look back on the notes from prior days and reflect on what you wrote.
  4. Create a habit. As with all things, the more we do them, the more we do them. Once you get in the habit of reflecting on what you do have, it will become second nature.
  5. Choose a cause close to your heart. Whether it’s abandoned animals, orphaned children, or veterans, focusing on someone or something else can often put our wants into perspective.

Is it truly possible to be content? Yes. Will you ever want what you don’t have again? Yes, of course you will. But you may stop yourself before you get carried away by remembering all the good things you already have.

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