7 Warning Signs You Are Dehydrated

With the warm days of summer upon us, we need to be diligent to drink plenty of water. The rule of thumb has always been ‘8 glasses a day.’ But what is the truth? How would you know if that’s what you, personally, need to keep from being dehydrated? What about your aging parents? Dehydration in seniors is a real problem. As the body slows down, signals of thirst aren’t as strong. This can be dangerous in hot weather. Read Hydration: Why It’s So Important.

Here are 7 warning signs you or the senior in your life may be dehydrated:

  1. Bad Breath – When you are dehydrated you have less saliva. Saliva helps keep your breath smelling sweet.
  2. Dry Skin – Dehydration causes less blood flow and that in turn can make your skin drier.
  3. Muscle Cramps – Changes in electrolytes, sodium and potassium in the blood stream, all caused by dehydration, can cause muscles to seize.
  4. Fever or Chills – If you experience fever or chills, you may be severely dehydrated. This can be a serious situation!
  5. Headache – Your brain sits inside of a fluid sack in your head. If that fluid starts to run low, it can cause the brain to bump up against parts of your skull causing headaches.
  6. Food Cravings – When your body is dehydrated, it can be difficult for some of your organs to function optimally. For instance, if the liver is deprived of hydration, it may not produce glycogens needed. That makes your body think it needs energy.
  7. Dark Urine – Urine should be light yellow, barring medications that change the color. If your urine is a dark yellow or chardonnay in color, you may be dehydrated.

What can you do to keep from being dehydrated? What can you do to keep the senior in your life safe this summer?

  • Keep water nearby at all times – Having a water bottle with you is the best way to insure you drink water.
  • Flavor your water – This is especially important for seniors. Seniors tend to like sweets, so add a little crystal light or other flavor packet with electrolytes or vitamins to make water palatable.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies – Instead of dry salty snacks, keep watermelon, berries and snacks that are naturally higher in water content close by.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine – Although fine in moderation, both alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you and cause a need for even more water consumption. If you’re partying this summer, be sure to match your cocktails with a glass of water.

Dehydration is not just a summer problem. In the colder months, the heater kicks on, and our homes become drier. There is always a need to stay hydrated and watch for the signs.

Are you dehydrated? Reach out to Presto Real Estate Services. We have resources to help. Call (630) 336-1820 or write info@prestorealestate.com today. Helping you and the seniors in your life is at the heart of our business.

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