Do You Have A Balanced Life? If Not, You Can

You may tend to think of a balanced life as something unachievable. Or maybe you think the only people out of balance are those with busy lives, demanding occupations and several young kids, etc. Although all these commitments and distractions can cause unbalance in your life, they don’t have to. Pleasing other people is one of the biggest reasons we find ourselves and our lives out of balance. This is not an age thing. In fact, many of our older adults (aging parents) are struggling with this as their adult children pester them to make changes in their lifestyles.

Is a balanced life something you want?

You cannot get and stay balanced without conscious effort. It takes some self-reflection, honesty, true desire and sometimes tough decisions. If finding balance is something you want, here are a few ideas that will help:

  1. Look at your life

What do your days look like? Look at the things you do almost every week, day in and day out. Who is involved? How much of your time does it take to do these things?

  1. Be honest with yourself

Write down the things you do that drain you. If your job is draining you, that may or may not be something you need to address. Write down the people who drain you and why they are so draining. How much time do all these things and people require out of your day, and how much time should they require? How do you feel about what you just admitted to yourself?

  1. Desire to change things

Nothing will change if you don’t really want it to. You may say you want balance, but a real desire for it is the only thing that will cause you to change what needs to be changed in order to achieve it. Search your heart on this one. Sometimes we just want something or someone to “go away,” but we aren’t really ready and willing to take the necessary steps to see it through. If that is the case, maybe a counselor or life coach can help you work through the process.

  1. Make tough decisions

Often our lives are out of balance because we give too much of ourselves to others. Again, you may not be ready to reclaim your time. If your children are young, they need you. If your parents are older, they may need you. It’s important to start with the first step of looking at your life and the second step of being honest with yourself before being too tough on yourself.

Things you can do to help with balance:

  • Sleep – Go to bed at a decent hour and sleep
  • Eat well – Think before you eat. Minimize foods with sugar, artificial sweeteners and white flour. The fresher the food, the better for you!
  • Exercise – See my earlier blog on exercise for a good nights sleep, A Good Nights Sleep: Is It Overrated? You don’t have to join CrossFit to be healthy. Walk when possible, get out of your chair and move throughout the day. Stretching and yoga are great exercises to get balance in your life.
  • Take time for yourself – read a book, take a walk, watch or re-watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see.

Need more help finding a balanced life? Call Presto Real Estate Services at (630) 336-1820 or write today for more information and support. Helping seniors is our specialty.

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