The Art of Staying in Touch With People is Important

There is an art to staying in touch with people. Either you have it or you don’t. Are you known as one of those people who is always checking in with friends and planning get-togethers? Or are you someone who needs 3 phone calls, 2 texts and an email before you even respond? Ouch!

We are all grateful for (and maybe a little annoyed with) the friend who is on their game when it comes to communication. After all, if it weren’t for them, the whole group may have gone their separate ways and lost touch completely. Although you may identify more with the “quiet” friend, there are ways to change your habits, if you really want to.

Staying in touch is a conscious decision

Staying in touch and reaching out is a conscious decision. First you must think about someone, and then you must act on that thought. Most of us will think of friends and family, and that is where it stops. The thought comes, and it goes. Before you know it, it has been 6 months, and you have not had one conversation someone.

Let’s take it a step further and consider Grandma. When was the last time you saw her or even spoke to her? Was it at a holiday event or a family reunion? Or have you taken it upon yourself to reach out and connect?

Staying in touch with clients and associates is equally important. The sales process is really an extension of forming relationships. Without a relationship, how can we expect someone to get to know us so they know if they want to do business with us?

I might be pushing it, but when was the last time you sent a birthday card or congratulatory note to a client? Hopefully you send a thank you note whenever someone does any simple favor for you.

You get my point.

How can you stay in touch?

The person who stays in touch, acts on the thought. How can you be like them? Start with a plan.

  • Put it in your calendar – Birthdays, anniversaries and all celebratory dates can be recognized with a little pre-planning.
  • Set an alarm or reminder on your phone – If you include the person’s phone number in your reminder, you won’t have to search for it.
  • Update your contact list/address book – Make sure your address book/contact list is updated with correct information.
  • Buy cards in advance – Be on the lookout for great cards when at the grocery store or even the dollar store. When you see a cute thank you, congrats, happy birthday or sympathy card, buy it. You will always be happy to have one handy.
  • Entertain more often – Inviting people over is a great way to stay in touch and really connect with people you care about.
  • Purchase an extra ticket or two to an upcoming event – If you plan to go to an event or concert, consider buying an extra couple of tickets so you can invite someone special.

How are you doing at the art of staying in touch? Do you have a really great way to stay in touch? Share it in the comments below. And Thank You for reading and interacting with Presto Real Estate Services | (630) 336-1820 |

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