Celebrating You And Your Birthday: Aging With Enthusiasm

Your birthday is a special day. It’s the one day a year that everyone who loves you gets to celebrate you! The first 39 years of life, we love them and then, something happens. On our 40th birthday we begin to think, “I may be starting the last half of my life” or “I’m going to be 50 in ten years!” The way we view our age or better yet, the number that represents our age, will greatly affect our outlook on the future and how we live. Allowing a number to define you is self-discriminating and has no real benefit.

Life expectancy is increasing, so we should start thinking about the future with rosier glasses and make a determination on how we want it to look for us. Plenty of studies are pointing to the fact that 60 is the new 50, so how are you going to embrace the scale that’s tipped in your favor?

If your birthday represents 50 or more years:

  1. You’re smarter – Countless self-help and motivational books report studies that indicate a person’s maturity and real growth often don’t happen until 50 years of age. By 50 most of us have raised a kid or two, owned a home or two, lost a friend or two and gained the wisdom needed to make sound decisions.
  2. You know who you are (and are not) – There is a good chance that by 40 you know if you’re going to be a rock star. If you haven’t gotten your PhD by now, you may not. This isn’t to say that you can’t do either of those things. Certainly you can. It is to say that it’s okay if you did not fulfill the dream you had when you were 20, and your life went a different direction. You have a realistic view of you, and you are okay with it … finally.
  3. You can focus on you – With the kids on their own or at least much more independent, reinvention is an option. Maybe getting your degree is important to you. If you have a hobby that you’ve always been passionate about it might be time to turn it into a business.
  4. You have freedom to move about – If your nest is empty or about to be, maybe you don’t need all the space you once did. The expense of owning a large home and all that goes with it may no longer seem appealing. Now may be the time to transition to something that doesn’t require as much of your attention and resources.
  5. It’s your turn – With an opportunity to focus more on yourself and your needs, it’s time you do just that. Exercise, eat right and have fun. If you’re going to live longer, you might as well look and feel good while you do it. Take control of your health and well being. This is your time!

Enjoy these articles on aging well. They’re packed with lots of great information.

Which birthday are you celebrating next? Embrace the scale that’s tipped in your favor! If your home now seems to be more than you want or need, call Presto Real Estate Services at (630) 336-1820 or email info@prestorealestate.com. We can help you transition to something that doesn’t require as much of your attention and resources.

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