How Do You Co-habitate in Peace in a Multigenerational Home?

I wrote a blog post on multigenerational living a few weeks ago. You can read it here: Multigenerational Living: The Best Of Both Time And Space. Now I want to revisit the multigenerational home from a different angle.

After fielding so many questions and comments from readers on the subject, I realize many folks are already living the dream without proper accommodations. So, how does a family cohabitate in peace in a multigenerational home?

Respect, ground rules and duties must be part of the peaceful multigenerational home

Often the duties fall on and are expected by the homeowner who is usually the one in the middle. This can lead to stress, fatigue and resentment. If all generations in the home are adults, it basically comes down to respect, ground rules and duties. All capable adults, and teens too, should have specific duties that everyone can count on being accomplished. Those might include:

  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Yard work

It is best to have these duties spelled out and keep them consistent. Lessening the burden on any one person can really help with harmony in the home.

Personal space is another key factor when living in a multigenerational home. Everyone should have some place to retreat to for personal time without interruption. Consider adding a small sitting area into a bedroom if space is limited or adding a television to the bedroom for personal watching time. If TV is big in your home, you may want to have recording capabilities so no one has to miss their favorite shows.

If health or physical issues have dictated the need for this new living arrangement, it may be worth considering some outside help from time to time. With added adults in the home, expenses will likely rise. It is important that everyone who is able to contribute financially does.

As silly as it sounds, respect and common sense will do wonders to help a multigenerational home run smoothly.

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